004: The Performance Attention System


The Performance Attention System

The “Performance Attention System” is the 3-step system that my Private Clients and I use to (profitably) scale our Facebook and Instagram ads to $5K, $10K, $20K, $50K, $100K, and even $200K+ PER DAY.

As a matter of fact, in the last 12 months alone we have acquired 182,271 new customers for one brand using these methods…

And these weren’t little $10 orders either, the AOV on these purchases was over $100.

And no, this was not some venture-funded startup with cash to burn. These sales were generated AT A PROFIT, with profit from ad spend funding further growth.

This business is not unique either – and, we’ve used these methods to scale many other businesses…

In fact, this system is what I’m using across all of the accounts we looked at earlier.

A Proven System, Based Off Multiple 8-Figures In Profitable Ad Spend

I developed the Performance Attention System based off of multiple 8-figures in profitable ad spend.

I don’t know of anyone in the the Facebook advertising space using these methods, let alone teaching them…

So, this system really is a “Blue Ocean” strategy – which means you can get in early, while there’s still no competition.

This is not some hack or loophole that will get closed before you even get it implemented.

This is an entirely new (and evergreen) way of running your customer acquisition…that actually gives the Facebook what it wants.

Which means you get rewarded with lower ad costs and much higher returns on ad spend.

Now, I’m not going to try and paint some utopian picture here…

This system does require some setup (though it’s probably much easier than what you’re currently doing now).

And, it does take some strategy (which really is the “secret sauce” to what makes this work)…

But, once you get it going, it is much easier to maintain and is way more scalable than the old way of doing things.

By the way, if the old way of doing things that I described above is working for you – That’s GREAT!

If it’s working, whatever you do, do not stop doing it.

This will not take away from that in any way whatsoever. In fact, it will actually only make what you’re currently doing for customer acquisition work better…and will likely slash your customer acquisition costs substantially.

Plus, it will diversify your customer acquisition and make your business much more stable, consistent, and valuable…so, this could be a huge win if you’re in this situation.

And, if the old way of doing things has stopped working for you (or never really worked in the first place)…

Or if the agency (or agencies) you’ve worked with are just costing you money…

Then you’ll be able to stop throwing good money after bad.

And, this could be what finally makes it possible for you to profitably scale sales using paid advertising.

Let Me Teach You (For FREE)

How The Performance Attention System Works…

I’m putting together a group of business owners, media buyers, and agency owners who would like to learn the Performance Attention System.

I’ll show you exactly how (and why) the system is working so well right here in 2019 and in industry after industry, and vertical after vertical.

I’ll be breaking down the entire 3-step system in a free video training series.

This training is 100% free to join, all I ask is that you keep the information confidential and not share this system publicly.

In addition to the training, I also have a cheatsheet that I’ll send you that maps the system out visually, so you can reference this when creating your campaigns.

Click the button below and enter your Best Email Address to download the cheatsheet and register for the upcoming video training series.

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