So, you’re ready to really get your business scaling?

Perfect. That’s specifically what I do. (click here to read my about page if you’re not sure what it is that I do)

How to get started:

The best place for us to start would be a phone call. 

So, if you’re ready to start really ramping up your new customer acquisition by putting growth marketing and media buying to work in your business…please drop Kirsten an email to request a call with me.

NOTE: There is no charge for this call. I do not want you to pay me anything just to explore with you whether I can help you or not.

So, step #1 is emailing Kirsten to request a call with me personally (email address below).

What to expect next:

After you email Kirsten, she’ll respond with a brief questionnaire to ensure it makes sense for you and I to hop on a call.

Time is our most valuable asset, so I wouldn’t want you or I to waste a moment of our time on a call if there’s no way I can provide value to you.

Once the questionnaire is complete (it’ll take you 3 minutes max to complete), Kirsten will email you and get you booked in for our call.

On our initial strategy call, we’ll explore what you’ve got going on, your scaling goals, etc. and we’ll verify that you’re a fit for what I do…

And, we’ll verify that I’m confident I would be able to help you rapidly scale your sales and customer acquisition.

Once we’ve verified that your business is a fit for what I do, and we’ve mapped out a plan, I may invite you to become a private client so I can help you execute this plan and grow your business.

And, if you feel like it’s a fit…awesome! We begin working together to 2X, 5X, 10X+ your business.

And, if you don’t feel like it’s a fit (or you’d prefer to execute the plan on your own)…that’s totally cool as well. I’ll wish you all the best, and ask that you stay in touch and let me know how things are going! No pressure or hard feelings ever.

Sound fair?

Awesome! Let’s chat…

Click here to email Kirsten now to request a call with me personally.

I’m looking forward to our call and mapping out a scaling plan for your business!

To Your Business & Personal Success!

Rob J Green Acquisition Architect

The Acquisition Architect