Willpower is a Limited Resource…Or is it?

Willpower is a Limited Resource

Or is it?

Studies have shown that WILLPOWER becomes depleted as it is used…

And, as a result it can “run out”

So, if you’re trying to stop eating certain foods…

Or, you’re trying to do XYZ consistently (cold call, go to the gym, etc.)…

As you POWER THROUGH your cravings for certain foods,

Or you POWER THROUGH your lack of desire to do a specific task and force yourself to do it.

After a while, your ability to power through cravings, tasks you don’t like, etc. will begin to deplete.

Your willpower will basically RUN OUT.

How many times have you found yourself easting some food you said you weren’t going to at the end of a tough day?

Well, this is normal and entirely explainable.

You used up your willpower during the day…not giving in to food cravings…performing tasks you didn’t want to…etc…etc.

This is perfectly “normal” and is how we work as humans.

But, what if you could change this?

Now, I do not know of a way to turn your willpower into a renewal resource…

BUT – I do know of a way that you can make it through your life USING LESS WILLPOWER.

By not using willpower on certain things in your life, you’ll have more willpower left for other things.

So, how do you NOT USE WILLPOWER for certain things in your life?

It all comes down to RULES.

I’ll use “diet” or “how someone eats” to illustrate this…

Let’s say someone wants to cut down on sugar, gluten, starchy carbs, etc.

These are likely great things to do…

But, every time this person has an opportunity to eat one of these foods they must CHOOSE not to eat it.

And each time they do so, they USE some of their willpower.

…but, let’s contrast that with someone who DEFINES themselves as vegan, paleo, bulletproof, etc.

Does a vegan use willpower to not eat dairy or meat?

NO – of course not.

Because of their IDENTITY as a vegan, they follow specific rules that all vegans follow.

And, these rules dictate that they do not eat meat or dairy.

Someone serves meat, they simply say they don’t eat meat because they are vegan.

Simple explanation for both their own mind and the person offering them meat.

The same goes for someone who defines themselves as paleo.

This person does not need to use willpower to not eat gluten, sugar, etc.

It’s simply against their IDENTITY, and the RULES that come with that identity, to eat gluten, sugar, etc.

These RULES make it so someone can avoid eating specific foods WITHOUT depleting willpower.

…RULES change everything.

What IDENTITY can you create for yourself that serves you?

What RULES accompany that IDENTITY that will ensure you DO NOT require willpower to avoid certain things or do other things?